lyra constellation

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چکیده : IN THE NAME OF ALLAH  we are at the last days of September.we want to find a beautiful con... با عنوان : lyra constellation بخوانید :

we are at the last days of September.we want to find a beautiful constellation in the nigh sky. 

well, about 30 minutes after sunset , standup to wards. the North and rise your head, greatly. look exactly above your head. you'll find a very very bright's " Vega", the lightest star in the "LYRA" constellation. 

the picture below, is what you will exactly see in the sky. 

now join together clear stars around Vega, like the picture below. it's the shape of Lyra constellation. 

Lyra is a small Summery constellation in the dragged lozenge shape with a small tail. 

It is located in the fourth quadrant of the northern hemisphere. The neighboring constellations are Cygnus, Draco,Hercules. 

Lyra constellation was often depicted as a vulture or an eagle carrying Orpheus’ lyre

lyra arrives to Hour Circle every year at 15 August . 

There are three meteor showers associated with the constellation: the Lyrids,which peak around April 21-22 every year, the June Lyrids and the Alpha Lyrids.

The star, vega: 

 vega , Alpha Lyrae , is the second brightest star in the northern hemisphere ; only Arcturus is brighter , and the brightest star in the constellation Lyra, which is also the fifth brightest star in the sky.

The star is about 26 light years distant from Earth. 

 It was the northern pole star around the year 12,000 BC and will be again around the year 13,727.

Vega is 2 times as massive as the Sun, and only about a tenth of the Sun’s age. It is believed to be about 455 million years old, which is about a half of its life expectancy. It is a suspected variable star and a rapid rotator, with a projected rotational velocity of 274 km/s at the equator.It may have at least one planet the size of Jupiter in its orbit. 

Vega is easy to find in the night sky because it is bright and also because it is part of a familiar summer asterism, the Summer Triangle (we will describe it next) 

here is two beautiful Nebulae in Lyra: 

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